The most obvious live casino trait is when you see the live roulette game being streamed to your computer via webcam. In other words, you receive a video and audio feedback from the live dealer casino. The video and audio streams are, in most cases, broadcasts from inside a real bricks and mortar casino. This means that for the live roulette game you are participating in there is in fact a live croupier / dealer who is presenting the game. In other cases the video and audio stream are not from within a real bricks and mortar casino, but rather a real live casino especially set up for the live casino web site. As I mentioned before, in both cases you are participating in a real live roulette game from within a live casino online.

When you partake in a live dealer roulette game you will notice the difference comparing it to an RNG (Random Number Generated) roulette game. Apart from seeing the dealer spinning the roulette wheel, placing your bets, making the calls and setting the roulette ball in motion, you are also able to hear the live action taking place AND interact with the roulette dealer. You really do feel like you are playing roulette at a land casino! Yes, you can really “chat” with the dealer via the video stream. You will also notice that when you want to place your bets this is done in the same exact fashion as if you where physically at the roulette table, but its even better. One of the most important traits of a live casino is that the roulette results are results you can trust. There is no chance of the results being fixed because the winning number happens right before your eyes. This is very different from an RNG roulette game where you don’t really know where the results come from.

Why is it better to play at a live dealer roulette casino? Well, for one if the roulette table is packed you do not have to wait around for an opening. You also do not have to deal with the crowds of people hanging over you trying to catch a glimpse of the roulette results while their cigarette smoke lingers in your hair, even after you have left the casino. The noise is controllable as well as the music being played in the background. Also, remember that by playing live dealer roulette online you do not have to drive anywhere or even take a vacation in order to visit a real casino! You can get the complete casino package, as long as you have a good internet connection, right from the comfort of your own home or right from your office.